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Everybody Science

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Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it.

--Albert Einstein


A noob's question:  If this is in the docs let me know.  How does this site differ from Wikipedia?  What is (should be?) the difference between an "encyclopedia" and our "publon library"?  - Luke

Answer: Wikipedia does not publish any original research --only material that has already been published elsewhere. Everybody Science is a compendium of original research, ever evolving, ever alive.


This Science Wiki is an experiment in a new form of scientific discourse. One in which publication is dissociated from peer review, in which papers are live documents that can be continually updated, in which a publon (minimal unit of publishable material) is as small as its author deems it, in which ideas can see the light of day sooner, even during the very process of their initial formulation and refinement, in which readers can contribute to an article, correcting it, enhancing it or providing references to relevant work, and in which the publication record can record the morphing of an idea into an accepted fact. And one in which everybody can contribute to the scientific record. Read more here

Most Scientific Papers Are Wrong: The Need for Live Papers and Ongoing Peer Review

A Future for Scientific Discourse


Or register for free and add your own scientific discovery below. All material on this site will be available free for everyone forever, and is made available for reproduction under the same license as Wikipedia.


Science topics


Need Death be Irreversible?



Why We Kiss

The Evolutionary Advantage of Humor

The Function of Sleep: The Dress-Rehearsal Theory

Mathematics, Language, Poetry and Music: A Continuum

Congenital Visual Invariance

What music is

Babies do not learn by imitation


Economics & Political Science:

A new way to measure consumer spending instantly

How and why an economy becomes a service economy

Trade balances must balance in every community

Election reform

Using Free Markets To Provide Public Goods, or the original version, Self-organizing Government

On Profit Maximization as the Social Responsibility of Business

burnaby lawyers


The selective advantage of itching

Learned behavior can cause genetic changes over time via natural selection

The Evolution of Homosexuality

Why Women Live Longer while Men Are Fertile Longer

The Paradox of Monogamy

The Evolutionary Advantage of Humor

How Biological Evolution Avoids Overfitting

The Selective Advantage of Aging

Boxing Gloves


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